The Knowledge Mafia Book Club is for individuals and families who are serious about growing and empowering themselves through gaining life-transforming knowledge and information. Led by Justin Blu, in a course-like manner, meetings are held via Zoom once a week. Knowledge Mafia Meetings consist of breakdowns and dialogue of the week’s material(s). Additionally, guest teachers/presenters, along with other impactful elements, will be incorporated throughout. 

Knowledge Mafia primarily covers one book per month. Book genres and content will remain flexible with an overarching goal of continual growth and empowerment. Members are informed of specific book titles and recommended reading schedule(s) in advance.  

Main meetings are currently held via Zoom on Sunday evenings, beginning promptly at 6:30PM (EST). Meetings are between one-and-a-half to two hours long. All Knowledge Mafia members additionally gain access to the private Knowledge Mafia Facebook group to collectively communicate between scheduled meetings.

Weekly/Monthly membership is non-refundable −however, there are no obligations, feel free to opt out of your membership at any time. Also, no membership fees will be applied before the week of the inaugural meeting.